Auxiliary Heater – Underseat High Performance

This underseat high performance auxiliary heater ( 082210000 ) is ideal for applications that require a small footprint (13.70 L x 9.21 H x 9.21 W ) but demand high performance.  With 42,000 BTU’s, it provides significant heating to ensure optimum operator comfort.

Auxiliary heaters are an additional heating component installed in vehicles to provide supplementary heat. It serves as a backup to the main heating system and allows the engine to warm up faster in cold weather. Heat is then transferred via coolant that circulates through the vehicle’s heating system. The heater may be activated manually or automatically when the engine coolant temperature drops below a set level.

Auxiliary heaters are common in diesel vehicles since diesel engines can take longer to warm up in cold temperatures. The extra heat provided by the auxiliary heater allows the passenger cabin to reach a comfortable temperature faster when first starting the vehicle. Some auxiliary heaters have electric fans to help distribute the hot air through the vehicle’s ventilation system. More advanced designs integrate with the climate control system for fully automated operation.
Overall, auxiliary heaters are an effective way to supplement the main heating system and provide fast warm up times in cold weather. With an auxiliary heater, drivers don’t have to wait as long for the engine to warm up before getting heat inside the cabin.

Compact Heater with 42,000 BTU’s provides significant heating to ensure optimum operator comfort.

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