The Clean Air Filter cab pressurizers are highly effective at removing particulate as well as vapours and fumes and are is capable meeting the EN 15695 categories 2, 3 & 4 (European Standard for “Agricultural tractors and self-propelled sprayers ― Protection of the operator (driver) against hazardous substances).

The housing is manufactured from heavy gauge welded steel with a powder coated finish that will hold to the rigours of off-road equipment. The single filter element consists of three separate stages:

  1. Standard Paper Media - Remove heavy aerosols and particulate
  2. Activated Carbon - Heart of the filter which absorbs harmful vapours and fumes.
  3. Final Paper Media – Removes any fine particulate which make it past the first two stages.  

The filter element can also be customized to target specific contaminates which are present where your equipment is working. Contact us for more information.


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