Espar’s Airtronic Air Heaters work independently of the vehicle’s heating system and are not tied into the vehicle coolant lines. The Airtronic heaters can be mounted independently  in the vehicle cab or in a separate compartment with ducting to route the warm air into the passenger compartment.

Cargo kits are available for mounting the Airtronic heaters in a cargo area of a truck to protect cargo from freezing or heating the work area of service vehicles.

The following are low and high output settings on standard Espar Airtronic models. Higher capacity models are available. Contact us for more details.  


  Low output High output
Airtronic 2 2,900 btu/hr @ 19 cfm 7,500 btu/hr @ 48 cfm
Airtronic 4 3,400 btu/hr @ 30 cfm 13,650 btu/hr @ 85 cfm
Airtronic 5 4,100 btu/hr @ 60 cfm 18,800 btu/hr @ 135 cfm
D8LC 11,942 btu/hr @ 146 cfm 27,296 btu/hr @ 151 cfm


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