Engineered Product

Arctic Traveler Canada is a proven and trusted specialist in mobile climate control and engineers a wide range of HVAC solutions for Commercial and Industrial applications. With engineered products and customers in Agricultural, Construction, Forestry and Mining, 55 years of experience has taught us a thing or two about designing and manufacturing purpose built HVAC solutions. From concept to design using three dimensional images created in Solid Works, to manufacturing and delivery, all products are engineered to exact specifications for your specific application.
ATC's 890091 is a Wall Mount evaporator providing A/C & Heat
ATC's 890121 is a Wall mount A/C & heater along with a Floor mount 890131 A/C & Heater
ATC's 890055 is a dual blower AC unit.
ATC's 8920041 is a 40K BTU heater
ATC's 890144 is a Wall mount heater and A/C unit.
Compact floor mount A/C (14K BTU) & Heater (19K BTU) engineered by ATC.
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On road specialty vehicles present endless types of applications that can range from animal and inmate transfer, armoured vehicles and personnel carriers operating with fluctuating and sometimes extreme ambient heat.


Off-Road specialty equipment can range from small single person lawn tractors to multi person large equipment cabs with no piece of equipment being compatible to the other.

Arctic Traveler can design a system for your application with the final system a specialized configuration of standard products or specifically designed components or a combination of both.

Engineered Product Feature 

Arctic Traveler Canada has designed Air Filtration Solutions to ensure vehicle operators are breathing clean cabin air while on the job. Innovating at all levels of Filtration, ATC produces air cleaning systems that continuously protect operators. The indoor air quality is critical to providing a healthy and productive work environment and whether it’s agriculture, construction, mining or waste management, operators spend a great deal of time in the cab of their equipment. Read more here…
Mining Operation with Bucyrus Shovel. Operator control tower  on top utilizing ATC's Air Filtration solution with PreCleaners. Air Filtration solution in Mining operation to enable clean air for operators. Mining Operation with Bucyrus Shovel. Operators on control platform. Cab Filtration utilizing ATC's Air Filtration solution with PreCleaners.

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