About Us

Arctic Traveler Canada is a privately owned company which was originally founded in 1960, with its head office located in Burlington, Ontario Canada, approximately one hour drive from Buffalo, New York. From the beginning, ATC has always focused on the application of Air-Conditioning, Heating, Pressurization and Refrigeration of cabins and cargo areas of mobile vehicles, both on-road and off-road. Over the years Arctic Traveler has expanded through the addition of strategic product lines, as well as developing our own products and expanding into new markets. Arctic Traveler Canada operates three distinct divisions.

Arctic Traveler

Focused on heating and air conditioning of on and off road equipment. Originating from the Burlington location, this operation has expanded to included:
  • An independent division servicing the Quebec Market, operating in Montreal, Quebec. This operation includes service, replacement parts distribution and technical support for Quebec customers.
  • A distribution and service location operating out of Mississauga to service the GTA market. This operation includes service, replacement parts distribution and repair and replacement of AC hose line sets.
  • Sales offices and inventory locations in Burlington and Mississauga, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

Advanced Temperature Control (ATC)

Dedicated to refrigeration of vans and straight truck applications. Advanced Temperature Control has been proudly manufacturing Truck Refrigeration products in North America for over 25 years. Our line of direct drive van and truck refrigeration systems, has been continuously updated and improved to meet the requirements of today’s competitive markets. As a Certified Mercedes Benz Master Upfitter,  ATC Truck Refrigeration is a member of an exclusive network of Master Upfitters. Our Refrigerated Sprinter and Metris solutions consistently meet the high-quality standards expected from Mercedes-Benz

Custom Coils Canada (CCC)

Operating as an independent division, CCC produces heat exchangers used on Arctic Traveler and Advanced Temperature Control products, providing a unique capability of being able to react quickly to specialized requests. CCC also services the replacement coil market in the GTA with the ability to produce replacement coils within one week.

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