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Arctic Traveler Canada provides HVAC solutions to Commercial and Industrial customers in Agricultural, Construction, Forestry and Mining. In these harsh working environments, equipment are subjected to extreme conditions. Technology in construction equipment is constantly improving to increase productivity and improve operator comfort. Air Conditioning and heating system expectations are continually increasing and consequently much of the new equipment is sold with factory air conditioning systems. Arctic Traveler, can provide aftermarket replacement parts for factory systems for any HVAC system.

Additionally, we can add high efficiency cabin pressurizers which will provide a safer working environment as well as improving the performance of the HVAC systems.  Using a proven air precleaner along with a patented in-line filter to make a highly efficient pressurizer which takes up very little room but contribute to providing a healthy and productive work environment.  

We also carry Sigma’s comprehensive range of air conditioning and filtration equipment to support transportation, rail, mining, industrial and defense markets. Designed and engineered to withstand extreme ambient temperatures, punishing shock & vibration loads and dust saturated atmospheres. Developed to air condition operator cabins and control rooms where absolute reliability is critical and performance cannot be compromised.

Is your coil struggling to perform and compromising the A/C’s efficiency? 
Did You Know… The presence of dust, bugs and debris on the face of the condenser fin and tubes will create a thermo-barrier. In turn, the condenser’s ability to dissipate heat is reduced resulting in poor system performance.  

The solution could be a Grilldenser – It’s a type of heat exchanger we manufacture to spec for many OEM with fins capable of being pressure washed. 

Call us today to hear more about the many systems and solutions we offer. ATC is your specialist in mobile climate control.

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