Air Filtration Solution

The ATC Air Filtration Solution is designed and manufactured by Arctic Traveler Canada to withstand the rigours of the harshest mining and off-road environments. The pressurizer is a compact, powder coated heavy gauge welded steel unit that is easy to install and requires minimal space.
The pressurizer housing is manufactured from heavy gauge welded steel with a powder coated finish that will hold to the rigours of off-road equipment.

Both ATC Air Filtration Solutions (60 & 100) consisting of a pressurizer housing, pre-cleaner and three stage filter element have been tested by independent third party labs, certifying the systems provide HEPA (99.97% efficiency @ 0.3 Microns), Testing completed per IEST (Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology) test protocol.
View Specs for both Air Filtration Solutions below
ATC Air Filtration 60 Filter specification (60)
ATC Air Filtration 100 Filter specification (100)
Pressurizer Selection Guide


Before the outside air reaches the filter elements, it passes through Enginaire’s efficient, maintenance-free pre-cleaner that removes up to 97% of debris before the air reaches the filter element. The pre-cleaner’s robust design allows it to handle all types of debris.
Watch the performance of Enginaire’s pre-cleaner vs the competition.
Watch the power of the Enginaire pre-cleaner as it shreds rocks

Three Stage Filter Element

All ATC Filter Elements are 100% quality leak tested to ensure, there are no defects to allow unfiltered air to bypass the filter media. Each filter element is traceable and labeled with a unique serial number.

Filter Element Stage 1: ATC Glass Fibre Filter – Moisture-Proof Protection The new ATC 830616 three stage filter element addresses three major performance problems that can put operator health at risk: moisture damage, fume absorption, and particulate in filtration. It also improves all aspects of cabin air cleaning.

 ATC’s Filter element Stage-1 uses reliable moisture-proof Filter media made from tightly pleated glass nanofiber that will not be damaged if moisture is drawn into the system. The first stage captures the largest particulate that was not removed by the pre-cleaner. The design maximized media surface area allowing for greater particulate loading and a lower pressure drop.

Filter Element Stage 2: ATC Activated Carbon Filter – Superior Fume Absorption
ATC has increased the activated carbon content in Stage-2 Filter element, achieving a superior absorption profile for organic vapours and fumes.

Filter Element 3: ATC HEPA Filter – High Particulate Filtration
Glass Fibre HEPA-rated media, provides the final level of filtration, achieving HEPA filtration (99.97% Efficency @ 0.3 microns).  


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