Carbon buildup. Remove it to increase heater performance

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Carbon buildup can decrease heater performance and reduce operator comfort.

In the event that the burner / flame tube and combustion chamber of the Airtronic D2 or D4 becomes restricted and the heater fails due to carbon/soot build up it may be possible to clean the burner without disassembling the heater by running the heater in high using Kerosene instead of Diesel.

To help identify when a burner has excessive carbon build up, Click here and follow the recommendations.

Since the replacement of a burner with carbon build up is not covered by warranty unless the carbon was caused by a defective heater or component this bulletin will assist in reducing the cost and time of cleaning a burner that has caused the heater to fail due to excessive carbon build up.

The excessive build‐up of carbon in the heater is not a result of normal operation of the heater. The build‐up of excessive carbon or soot in the burner / combustion chamber and flame tube as well as the inside of the heat exchanger is in most a symptom of an underlying problem which is the root cause. Therefore, it is very important to identify and correct the root cause so that the burner does not become restricted again. Please refer to the troubleshooting guide and fault code list to identify the problem. Also refer to the installation instructions to make sure the heater and accessories are installed according to the installation guidelines using the correct parts. 

In some cases the carbon build up in the burner may be too severe and the burner would need to be replaced. Unless the root cause of the carbon build up is corrected the replacement or cleaning of the burner will not result in a permanent solution but only a temporary fix.

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