Engineered HVAC Products

Engineered HVAC products are designed and built for air conditioning, heating, ventilation, air filtration & cab pressurization solutions for heavy duty equipment. We offer a variety of products from individual components parts like Condensers, Hydraulic Compressors, Cab Pressurizers, Evaporators & Heaters to self-contained systems with a wide range of HVAC solutions for Commercial and Industrial applications in Agricultural, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Emergency Services. Our solutions are designed specifically for OEM’s, aftermarket use and built to provide reliable service in extreme conditions.
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Engineered HVAC parts for heavy duty equipment like Condensers, Hydraulic Compressors, Cab Pressurizers, Evaporators & Heaters.

Engineered  HVAC products

Engineered HD HVAC products from ATC are an innovative line of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. These products are designed specifically for heavy-duty applications. Unlike standard HVAC systems intended for homes or small businesses, our engineered Heavy Duty HVAC products are built to withstand the demanding requirements of large commercial and industrial facilities.

These high-capacity HVAC systems are rugged and feature heavy-gauge steel cabinets, high-efficiency motors and compressors, and industrial-grade components selected for durability and performance under continuous operation. Dual refrigeration circuits allow for uninterrupted operation if one component fails to ensure redundancy. Programmable logic controllers monitor conditions and automatically optimize performance.

Our HD HVAC technology allows these systems to heat, cool, humidify, dehumidify, ventilate and filter air for the most optimal comfort and indoor air quality. Recommended applications include airports, hospitals, data centers, factories, warehouses, sports arenas; any large spaces with unique HVAC needs would be a good fit. Custom engineering ensures that the system is sized properly and designed for that facility’s specific layout, climate, occupancy, and expected usage.

Engineered HD HVAC products from ATC feature robust construction and customizable designs. These Heavy Duty HVAC systems deliver reliable climate control to meet the most demanding HVAC challenges. This advanced equipment keeps our customer’s large-scale facilities operating in peak condition year after year.

Other Engineered products
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