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Compact A/C & Heater

Compact floor mount A/C and Heater for smaller commercial & industrial applications.

Our #890131 A/C & Heater is perfect for smaller applications and offers enough performance to ensure optimum year round operator comfort. With 14,000 BTU of cooling and 19,000 BTU of heating, it provides powerful heating and cooling with the compact size you need for tight spaces. Recently updated (pictured below) to include a digital controller with temperature display and an electrical panel that provides fused output to power Condensers, Compressor Clutches and Hot Water Valves. 

Are your Tow Motor operators in need of additional comfort for the hot summers and cold winters?

ATC’s compact A/C and Heater could be the solution.
It’s 15″ x 10″ & 12″ dimensions creates a package that’s small enough to fit almost anywhere, yet provides maximum performance with minimal maintenance.
* Welded steel construction * Proven reliable performance  * 360° adjustable Air outlets * Heavy duty permanent magnet motor * Variable speed blower

Compact floor mount A/C & Heater - Engineered solutions from ATC.Compact floor mount A/C (14K BTU) & Heater (19K BTU) engineered by ATC.Compact floor mount A/C (14K BTU) & Heater (19K BTU) engineered by ATC.

Cabin Pressurization and Air Filtration
The indoor air quality is critical to providing a healthy and productive work environment as operators spend a great deal of time in the cab of their equipment. Cab pressurizers are highly effective at removing particulate as well as vapors and fumes and are manufactured to withstand the rigors of the harshest off-road and mining environments.  
For this application, we added a solution consisting of a pressurizer housing, pre-cleaner and three stage filter element, which has been tested by independent third party labs, certifying the systems provide HEPA (99.97% efficiency @ 0.3 Microns) read more here. The combination delivers clean, filtered air to the #890131 A/C & Heater via the fresh air intake. 

Air Filtration 60 solution with EngineAir Pre-cleaner, floor mounted A/C & Heater #890131 and dual electric condenser #891005.Air Filtration 60 solution  #896052 with EngineAir Pre-cleaner and dual electric condenser #891005.#890131 Compact floor mount A/C & Heater - Engineered HVAC solutions by ATC.

Arctic Traveler Canada offers replacement parts & HVAC systems for all makes, any HVAC Part or System.
A proven and trusted specialist in mobile climate control, we offer a wide range of Engineered HD HVAC products for Commercial and Industrial applications in Agricultural, Construction, Forestry and Mining. From concept to design using three dimensional images created in Solid Works, to manufacturing and delivery, all products are engineered to exact specifications.  Contact Us today for more information.

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ATC Heaters 

892059 – Dual blowers, 27,000 BTU’s – Click to view specs –
 – Dual blowers, 40,000 BTU’s – Click to view specs –
– Dual blowers, 65,000 BTU’s – Click to view specs –  

A/C Hose Program – Replacements and Repairs

With over 55 years of experience that Arctic Traveler Canada has in Mobile HVAC and Pressurization of cabins, we successfully design, manufacture, distribute and service industry-leading mobile HVAC equipment. However that is not all that we do, we also service the GTA with hose repairs and replacements. Any problems you have, you can be assured that your solution will be right here at ATC. With today’s wide range of fittings and hose, finding a replacement hose could not be any simpler, with it right here at ATC. Be it an OE replacement, repair, or getting a custom-made hose, everything can be found at ATC. Read below to find out all the options available to you.

OEM Replacement Hose Assembly 

Compromising and settling for anything less than what you are looking for has no place at Arctic Traveler Canada. When it comes to OEM replacements and Hose Assemblies for Freightliner, Kenworth, International, Paccar and Peterbilt, ATC has exactly the high-quality products you need.
To find out more, browse the
OEM Replacements here.
Replacement OEM AC Hose Assembly - Kenworth, Freightliner, Navaistar, Peterbilt

View a Short video on some of the Common Reasons for Hose Assembly Failures 

Hose Building and Repairs

Today, many hose-sets come with metal tube sections, some of which we already offer. 
However, in case, no suitable fitting is available, using a hose to replicate the metal tube is a no-compromise option.  Our parts department can build you virtually any type of refrigerant hose, be it metric, standard, aluminum or steel. The best part is, in most cases, we’ll build it while you wait. View How To Repair AC Hose here

We make hoses based on the specifications provided by the customer. In the past, finding a supplier capable of doing hose repairs was challenging, however, with today’s wide range of products and given that the replacement does not need to be from the original manufacturer, your replacement could be right here at ATC.
How To Repair A/C Hose - OEM Hose Repairs and Replacements fro ATC.

Truck Hose Program 

We not only custom build and repair refrigerant hoses but also set up retailers and fleets with their own A/C hose programs. The programs we offer are customized to meet your exact needs and requirements, complete with inventory and training. Having the right parts to ensure your fleet runs as expected or satisfy your customers’ needs, either way, we can ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.
ATC not only build and repair refrigerant hoses but also set up retailers and fleets with their own programs.
Contact Us today to find out more at 800-295-4156.

Custom Coils Canada Replacement Coils

Replacement Coils & Heat Exchangers don’t have to be from the original manufacturer.
For over 30 years, Custom Coils Canada has produced replacement condensers, evaporators and heater cores for almost any mobile, commercial or industrial application. In the past it was difficult to find a manufacturer capable of making replacement coils but with today’s manufacturing processes aided by Computer Aided Design (CAD), consumers have quality choices, at competitive prices. 

This TK210Carrier replacement is an intricate combination Radiator & Condenser Coil (08-60086-04-SP). 
It hi-lights some of our abilities and proves what 30 years of experience can do for you. 
Replacement TK210Carrier Combination Radiator & Condenser Coil 08-60086-04-SP

Custom Coil Canada (CCC) – Operates as an independent division of ATC and produces heat exchangers used on Arctic Traveler Canada and Advanced Temperature Control products, providing a unique capability of being able to react quickly to specialized requests. 

Custom Coils Canada produces tube and fin replacement condensers, evaporators and heater cores.Custom Coils Canada specializes in building unique heat transfer coils and aftermarket drop in replacements for high priced OEM coils or as replacements for overseas manufacturers that no longer have parts available in the local markets. We specialize in short run production quantities for small to medium size manufacturers, one-off replacement coils and quick turn around repairs for HVAC, Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors. 
Replacement Coils and Heat Exchangers for condensers, evaporators and heater cores for almost any mobile, commercial or industrial application.

CCC also services the replacement coil market in the GTA with the ability to produce replacement coils within one week (expedited orders). These can be standard HVAC coils or heavy duty designs using our Grilldenser fin which is capable of being pressure washed for harsh environments. Additionally, all of our coils can be Heresite coated for dramatically improved corrosion protection. 

We can produce the following types of coils, using copper tube and aluminum fins:

  • Hot water coils
  • Chilled water coils
  • Evaporator coils
  • Condenser coils
  • Low pressure steam coils
  • Custom made coils

We’re able to do site visits and build replacement coils based on samples provided and our staff support includes engineering personnel using SolidWorks 3D modeling software, who can also conduct coil heat load calculations and design.

Whether you need individual coils, large coils for heating and cooling buildings or production runs for retrofitting an entire building or complex, if you’re in need for replacement coils or a type of heat exchanger, we can help.
Call Custom Coils Canada at 905-789-8523 to discuss your needs.

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