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Preheating from Eberspaecher

Eberspaecher’s AIRTRONIC Air Heaters
Eberspaecher’s air heaters are independent of both the engine and the vehicle’s own heat balance. They draw in either cool room air or outside air, heat this up and then deliver it to the interior of the vehicle. Air heaters are an excellent option for commercial vehicles of every type.
Eberspaecher’s HYDRONIC Coolant Heaters

Eberspaecher’s coolant heaters work independently of the engine and thus offer a double plus: preheating the vehicle’s passenger compartment as well as the engine. The heaters are integrated into the cooling system of the engine. The thermal energy gained is then distributed through the vehicle’s own heat exchanger as forced hot air and this heats the interior of the vehicle via existing air vents. The engine is warmed up with the residual heat in the cooling water.

The Heaters for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Eberspaecher Air and Coolant heater kits can be customized to suit your specific needs. From units that are boxed for protection to controllers that can provide flexibility to your operation! These heaters are Bio Diesel Compatible and available in both 12 or 24 volts. ATC is your MSD for preheating solutions on a variety of applications. Espar Airtronic & Hydronic heaters from 7500-120,000 BTU's

  • Eliminate cold engine starts
  • Reduce idling fuel cost
  • Engine and fluid preheating
  • Cab and compartment heating
  • Minimize diesel exhaust emission
  • Defrosted windows
  • Crew shelter
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • CARB approved / EPA verified

Different Configurations for Different Applications

AIRTRONIC D2, B4, D4, B5, D5, D8 and Echo8 Air Heaters

AIRTRONIC units range from 2 kW / 7,500 BTUs to 5 kW / 18,800 BTUs and are available with our Digi-controller, which has an internal ambient air temperature sensor for precise compartment heating. This makes it compact for a variety of location mounts.

HYDRONIC B, D, M & L Series Coolant Heaters

The Hydronics range from 12 kW/42,000 BTUs up to 35 kW/120,000 BTUs in a boxed configuration. These units have an automatic altitude compensation and are available in 12 or 24-volt models and come with accessories such as a spark arrestor. They are compact for a variety of location mounts. The M Series has multiple speeds that reduce amp draw in lower ranges.

Control Options 

  • Indicates on-board diagnostics capability
  • 7 Day-Timers*
  • Programmable Timer
  • Push/Pull Switch
  • Thermostat*
  • Auto Shut-Off Switch
  • Digi-Controller

Easy to Operate

Eberspaecher heaters operate as miniature furnaces that are independent of the engine, utilizing the unit’s own diesel and batteries to produce heat.


Hydronic units heat the coolant, then circulate it to warm the engine and heat exchangers to near operating temp and can be sized to provide auxiliary heat for other critical fluids. Eberspaecher air heaters heat air directly and circulate air to applicable compartments.

AIRTRONIC heaters can provide ample heat to the cab, mobile work stations, crew shelters, etc., all without idling the engine.


Using timer controls, heaters can be switched on to begin engine preheating at preset intervals, allowing operators to go directly to work upon arrival.

Arctic Traveler Canada (ATC) is proud to be an Eberspaecher Master Stocking Distributor (MSD) and offers the complete range of Espar products to the truck, bus, marine, automotive/pick-ups, off-highway, forestry, mining and military markets. See our Blog ATCNEWS for Technical News and Preventative Maintenance Tips and for more information on these and other heating products, call us today at 1-800-295-4156.

Espar Heaters: Updates make them even better

Airtronic S2/M2 – The new Airtronic family

The new Airtronic family is the logical further development of the successful Eberspäecher air heater. With its robust components and the latest control system, the Airtronic now features both functional expansions and a longer service life.

The new Airtronic is equipped with automatic altitude adjustment as standard. A new brushless motor has extended the service life to 5,000 hours. This new motor, a modern control system and the use of the latest metering pump technology also improve the acoustics. Furthermore, the new Airtronic uses the pioneering Eberspäecher CAN bus technology.


  • Interfaces: CAN, LIN (only 12 V), S+Introducing the S2/M2 - A new brushless motor extends the service life to 5,000 hours, automatic altitude adjustment and the latest metering pump technology also improve the acoustics.
  • Service life 5,000 h
  • Brushless motor
  • Use of the latest EasyStart Pro and EasyStart Web control units
  • Diagnostics and parameter assignment via EasyScan
  • Starting capability down to –46 °C
  • Stepless heating performance control
  • Noise emissions optimized
  • Use of acoustically improved metering pump
  • Integrated altitude sensor:
    – Automatic altitude adjustment up to 3,000 m
    – Optimized combustion

Additional features:

  • Universal installation kit for all versions
  • Air scoops provided separately to the installation kit
  • Metering pump included in delivery with Airtronic S2/M2
  • Identical to Airtronic 1:
    – installation positions
    – repair and spare parts
    – installation space and mechanical interfaces (air, exhaust and combustion air)
  • Heating-air connection diameters:
    – 2 kW: Ø 60 mm and Ø 75 mm
    – 4 kW: Ø 75 mm and Ø 90 mm
  • ADR compatibility of the 24 V versions

Hydronic S3 Economy/Commercial – now even more versatile

The CAN/switching plus version of the Hydronic S3 Economy is the direct successor to the previous CAN/LIN version and is compatible with the Eberspäecher EasyStart CAN-bus-compatible control unit family that will be available.

The new switching plus input also ensures compatibility with all other control units that output an S+ switch-on signal. The new Hydronic S3 Commercial rounds off the product family with a 24-volt version for commercial applications. It will also be available in a 5.6 kW Power version for commercial applications for the first time, making it unrivaled on the market.

Advantages:Eberspaecher Hydronic S3 Commercial

  • Interfaces: CAN and S++
  • Economy: service life 3,000 h 
  • Commercial: service life 5,000 h
  • Compatibility with all new and many conventional control units
  • New 24-volt heater for commercial applications
  • NEW: Power version with 5.6 kW heating performance
  • Very large output range
  • Utilization of residual heat through heating circuit run-on control
  • Stepless heating performance control
  • Noise emissions optimized

Additional features:

  • Economy: gasoline (also E10) and diesel (also B30)
    Commercial: diesel (also B30)
  • Diagnostic display via EasyStart TP 7.1 control units, as well as via EasyStart CAN-based control units
  • Economy: suitable for altitudes up to 1,500 m above sea level; altitude adjustment can be activated manually above 1,500 m with EasyStart Pro
    Commercial: automatic altitude adjustment up to 3,000 m above sea level
  • Connection diameters: water 20 mm, exhaust gas 24 mm, combustion air 20 mm
  • ADR compatible with EasyStart Pro (with “Commercial” version)

Need an Espar heating solution for your Application?
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